What should my dancer wear to class?

Dancers should always wear form-fitting clothing to dance. No jean shorts or street clothing. Please refer to the dress code for more in depth descriptions regarding dress code by class.

Will I be able to watch my dancer during class?

We do have two glass doors that parents may use to view a classroom, however if it becomes a distraction, we will close the windows. This is to ensure that kids stay focused within the classroom. We will allow parents to come watch the last few moments of class.

Will I be notified if the studio is closed for the day?

We will publish any studio closures through email notices and post on Facebook & Instagram. We do not automatically cancel our classes even if the public schools are closed, as weather conditions might improve. Our policy is that we do not reimburse for missed classes but ask that you can make up a class within 2 weeks of the studio closure if you choose to.

Dress Code

Beginner Ballet: Pink tights, any color leotard. Bun and pink ballet slippers preferred.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet: Pink tights, black leotard. Bun and pink split sole ballet slippers required.

Boys Intermediate/Advanced Ballet: Form fitting top & athletic shorts. Black ballet slippers.

Beginner Tap - Boys/girls: Form fitting clothing. Tap shoes required. Hair pulled back neatly.

Beginner Jazz - boys/girls: Form fitting clothing. Black or tan jazz shoes required. No socks will be worn in the studio. Hair pulled back neatly. No jewelry.

Beginner Acro - boys/girls: Form fitting clothing. Dancers will wear bare feet when tumbling to prevent injuries. Hair pulled back neatly. No jewelry.

Intermediate/Advanced - Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, SST: Dancers are expected to wear form fitting clothing that show lines and extensions, as an aid to teachers for instruction. Hair is to be pulled back neatly out of the face and no jewelry is to be worn for safety. For these classes, dancers may choose jazz shoes, turners, or bare feet.